Eric Mansfield releases "Our Plan"

Eric Mansfield released the first version of his plan to rebuild our Democratic Party, but it really is a plan that belongs to all of us. After hundreds of conversations the plan represents a vision for the Party that many of us share. I trust that by the time he speaks with all of us even more ideas will emerge!


I have spoken to many of you in recent weeks and I have been encouraged by your optimism, your hope and your faith in our state and our Democratic Party. Based on hundreds of conversations with SEC members and party supporters I believe that the simple, powerful idea that we're all in this together has to be basis of our work – not just a slogan.

Please check out the latest version of our plan to move the Democratic Party forward: It is our plan because I believe many of its best parts come from your suggestions. It is a plan inspired and informed by your call for action on how to build our party.

Our plan calls for us to invest, and engage, in all 100 counties. Mobilization is our strength and the grassroots are our foundation.

Our plan is only the beginning of our way forward. Email me, call me, text me, Facebook me or attend one of my events in the week ahead to share your thoughts. You can find my event calendar here:

We will write the plan for the Party and reclaim our future together. The Democratic Party belongs to all of us and it is a shared love for North Carolina that must guide our work.

We are all Democrats because we believe that our state is one with a great destiny. We are all Democrats because we believe in equality, a fair shot and a level playing field.

We are the Party of Terry Sanford, Jim Hunt and Henry Frye. Look at our record. We built North Carolina’s public education system, kept our schools open during the Great Depression, invested in our schools even (especially!) in tough times, and pioneered early education initiatives like More at Four and Smart Start. We led the South in protecting our natural resources and beauty, in expanding Medicaid and other programs to guarantee health care access, and in transitioning to a modern, information-age economy. And every step of the way the NC Democratic Party fought for equal rights for all citizens.

It is our belief in justice and fairness that has guided us. We give a voice to the voiceless, a helping hand to those reaching out and we are champions for all of North Carolina. That is our legacy and that is our charge.

If you believe that we can accomplish great things together will you consider endorsing my candidacy?


You are welcome, James. One

You are welcome, James.

One of the reasons that I support Eric for Chair is that he has a deep understanding of messaging, the importance of values based arguments and debate. He will be able to go toe to toe with the GOP as Chair in a way that is pretty unique among our present leaders. He also understands the vital importance of our Party developing new ideas and a new communications strategy.

Thoughts & Questions

We must work with all elements of the Party to coordinate messaging around our shared values and vision. We intend to work with the African American Democrats, Democratic Women, Democratic Men, LGBT Democrats, Senior Democrats and Young Democrats to build messaging that reaches their audiences.

We will work to combine our fundraising lists and encourage increased collaboration among all the Caucus structure, all groups within the Party and others.


- Increase support (financial and organizational)
- Give statewide task/goal to each caucus to implement
- Ensure support and success of individual conventions

Can you expand on these points? I'm glad it was mentioned, and I'm particularly interested in knowing more about the vision for the newly minted LGBT caucus.

I'm also really interested in the part about increase collaboration across caucuses that was mentioned there. I know the NAACP was key in opposing amendment 1, and that the LGBT community came out to HKonJ with their rainbow flags waving in support of voting rights and economic justice, and that LGBT groups like All of Us NC incorporated opposition to voter photo ID into their anti-amendment workshops.

That kind of collaboration I think really strengthens the bonds that bind the Democratic Party, I think it was a great point brought up in the plan for cross-caucus collaboration, and I'd love to hear some thoughts on how to do more of that this coming year across the various caucuses.

We must understand that disagreement within our Party does not mean disloyalty to our Party.

I saw that line in bold in the plan, I want to know more about what that means. I first saw that line used in a thread about whether or not the candidates running for chair support marriage equality. I'm really glad both candidates are supporting marriage equality now. But I wasn't sure what that line meant then, if it was specifically used as a way to say there is wiggle room for homophobia in the party, or if it meant something else entirely. I don't want to make any assumptions, so I'm asking, what does it mean?

Overall it looks like a thoughtful plan, thanks for sharing it here!

I will message Eric and

I will message Eric and suggest he stop by, Jake.

With that said, Eric has a great deal of support from the LGBT Caucus and I would argue that he hopes that they will play a major role as we move forward. Focusing on increased collaboration among our auxiliary groups and the caucuses is a must, in my opinion, and I know that it is near and dear to Eric's heart. When we told him how little collaboration had occurred in the past he was absolutely shocked.

In terms of the "disagreeing on issues" portion, I will let him respond directly, but I know that the way that Eric has spoken about it relates to the fact that while we may disagree on some policy prescriptions, we must be able to identify and unite on key values and understand our common path forward. He speaks often on the need of our Party to find ways to lift one another up, rather than rip one another apart. It wasn't the end of the world if we fought a lot when times were good, but when you are in a deep hole we have to dig out together.

I am glad that you like the plan and I am happy to share it.