Fixing our Democracy

Our Democracy, so carefully put in place by the Founders, is on life supprt. The partisan divide has reached the point where party has become far more important than country. The most recent Congress's performance ranks as one of the poorest in history, and the future holds little promise for improvement. The reason - members of the House of Representatives have little reason to compromise on any contentious issue because they have home districts that are gerrymandered blue or red. The following is my take on a possible fix for our collective redistricting nightmare and some general changes I would like to see in our electoral process. Thank you for reading. Any comments and/or suggestions are most welcome.

1. Fix redistricting
Every state with more than one congressional district shall appoint an independent commission to redraw their congressional districts.
The commission shall be balanced between D’s and R’s. The members will be randomly selected from registered voters. Any member with undue political knowledge may be replaced (see below). This will be a civic duty akin to serving on a jury. The commission will be sequestered.
Some specifics …. 6 members of each party will be on the commission with 2 alternates should one or two of the first six be removed. Should a third party have 10% of the registered voters in a particular state then that party would be entitled to having membership on the commission. The 12 members would be allotted proportionally by percentage of registered voters. Each political party will be able to strike 2 members of another party’s selected members.
The commission shall only consider population numbers and already established political boundaries such as counties and precincts. No party affiliations or other demographics shall be considered.
Counties shall be kept whole as much as possible. No precinct may be divided.
Congressional districts should approximate a regular geometric shape such as triangle, square etc.
These instructions plus basic background knowledge pertaining to redistricting will be communicated to the commission members, and each member shall take an oath to do their best to follow the guidelines above.

2. Fix elections
No campaigning, raising money or any other promoting of political issues or candidates until Jan. 1 of the year of the election.
The order of the states’ primaries shall be from smallest first to the biggest last, spread out over the months April through July.
Election Day shall either be moved to a Saturday or made a national holiday. (Or possibly all states should adopt early voting)
Overturn Citizens United either by subsequent action of the SCOTUS or by amending the Constitution.
No war chests will be allowed. Money raised for one election may not be saved and used in another election.


Possibly coming to a resolution and convention near you

... in the coming couple of years. Yep ... I'll be the guy ticking off the establishment as I tilt at some sacred cows.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Thought of a thing or 2 I should have included in

section 2. No anonymous campaign contributions and corporations are not people and so cannot make campaign contributions.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Sorry folks, but you are going to have to look at this a bit

longer. No comments = no interest? really? So am I completely wrong in proposing a fix for redistricting? Or is there a better way?

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

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It's hard to judge interest by the number of comments. My experience is that when a post is well stated, comments are few while readership is respectable. A little bit of troll bait can generate more comments but not necessarily more readers. If you get someone incensed enough they'll come back with different identities and take you on tangents far away from the original post.

Ahhh, so my OP was not written in invisible ink

afterall. Thank you! I just figured that a post suggesting a complete reworking of our electoral system would get a little play or at least a "go for it" or a "fat chance" or two.


I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?