Forrester pushes marriage amendment (again)

And he's hoping for help from a Democrat:

Forrester said he’s hoping the proposed constitutional change will have a better chance this year since the Senate has a new Rules Committee chairman.

The new chairman is Sen. David Hoyle, D-Gaston. Hoyle signed on as a cosponsor of the proposed amendment last year. Hoyle said he expects to send the bill to the Rules Committee this year. But he doesn’t expect the committee to take it up.

Thankfully it appears the lame-duck corporatist non-Democrat doesn't appear to be interested in pushing too hard:

“I don’t think we’re going to be taking up any constitutional amendments in the short session,” Hoyle said. He said a number of legislators want this year’s session to go by quickly and avoid controversial issues that could keep lawmakers in town.

But bigotry dies slowly:

“I keep swinging that bat,” Forrester said. “Sooner or later we’re going to get a hit on it.”


Bigotry doesn't die

It is the Energizer Bunny for the right.

I wonder if he keeps swinging

that bat for some other reasons, though. Like maybe some self-loathing over suppressed desires...

The DNAD Amendment

The Does Nothing About Divorce Amendment:

Introduced again by a raging bigot to make it harder for consenting adults to engage in an officially recognized monogamous relationship.

Someone please call the logic police. Senator Forrester has lost all of his.


Another Family Values Republican caught having an affair

This one (Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana) has been partiucarly noteworthy for his stands against gay marriage.

He signed on to amicus briefs opposing DC's marriage law.

He signed on to Defense of Marriage amendments.

And now he's resigning his political office because of an affair with a staffer.

I wonder how the press corps at the General Assembly would handle such rank hypocrisy here in NC?

Let's wait to take a look at amendment co-sponsor lists when Stam and the House GOP rolls out its version of an amendment in a week or two.


Vote them all out

There is no longer any regard for the public trust in either party.