Gerrick Brenner explores McCrory's unethical connections

Creating a new paradigm in pay-to-play politics:

The Foundation for North Carolina can take unlimited donations and legally does not have to disclose its donors. Gov. McCrory’s association with such an entity designed specifically for his benefit is a gaping loophole for corporations and lobbyists to circumvent campaign finance law. The potential for pay-to-play and conflicts of interests is staggering.

After witnessing McCrory's 2011 non-campaign campaign, in which he toured the state raking in speaker's fees and God knows what other forms of income, this Foundation gimmick comes as no surprise. What is a surprise is how casually the mainstream media has approached this issue. Back in the day, tons of money from unknown sources collected for vague reasons used to be a flag for reporters that corruption might be present, but today? Nary an eyebrow raised.

A new report by Progress North Carolina, “Price of Power: The Cost of a McCrory Cabinet Post,” brings the connection between big campaign donations and political appointments into the light. Among the report’s key findings were three major donors who contributed approximately $2.5 million combined to McCrory's election efforts and who were all rewarded with major appointments.

Here's the report, if you can stomach it. I'd also like to take this time to thank and congratulate Gerrick and his amazing staff.

I'll freely admit, I had my doubts about this organization when it was first conceived. Not because of any question of competence. I know some of these folks, and they're sharp as hell. But education and outreach on issues is an extremly difficult task. To do the research, analyze and compile it into something that makes sense to a larger audience, and then actually penetrate the media wall and get your word out, well. Thta's nothing short of monumental. And to accomplish all that with such a small staff? There isn't even a word that can adequately describe it.