Governor Easley vs US Navy

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Plymouth Mayor Brian Roth

Hooray for the Governor! It would appear a straight shot may have been fired across the Navy’s bow last week when Plymouth Mayor Brian Roth was presented Governor Easley’s prestigious Municipal Conservationist of the Year Award, at the N.C. Wildlife Federation banquet. It was part of the 2006 Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards program. This is a huge award and hopefully an endorsement for his unbelievably powerful opposition to the Navy's proposed OLF. An outstanding choice for this award!

The Mayor, North Carolinians Opposed to the Outlying Landing Field (NO-OLF) and over 100 other national, state and local organizations have done an exceptional job of standing up for our state. They are protecting all of our rights and the wildlife habitat of eastern North Carolina. NO-OLF

We hope the Governor has acknowledged, through this award, what is really being done to the people in our own state, by the people of Virginia, and by our own federal government. We applaud the Governor for this award. This OLF is not good for the environment and wildlife. By recognizing Mayor Roth with this award, it is telling others across our country and within our state, that while we can support our military, we do not have to sacrifice anyone’s rights or the environment.

We hope our Governor really gets out in front of this disaster by telling our federal delegation to support North Carolina and say, “NO OLF”! We trust this is a sign of greater things to come from Easley. Our expectation is for our Governor to speak at ALL of the Navy’s public hearings and for him to lead our elected delegation by example.

Sen Dole, Sen. Burr and the rest of our federal delegation should get behind Governor Easley, U.S. Cong. David Price, U.S. Cong. G.K. Butterfield, Mayor Brian Roth, North Carolinians Opposed to the Outlying Landing Field and the citizens of our great state. Let Virginia keep their "sound of freedom", we want to keep our current “sound of freedom” in tact. Thank you, Mayor Roth, as well as all the people working at all the alternative OLF sites. Our message is being heard, this OLF is not needed anywhere in NE North Carolina. Keep the faith and keep up the great work!

Just remember, the Gov. of Virginia and ALL of their officials were all over the TV, with press conferences and the whole nine yards, during the BRAC hearings. Our state leadership had better get in the game – NOW! The court-ordered Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement is slated to be released by the Navy on Friday, February 23.

P.S. Congrats to Mayor Brian Roth!!!


Congrats to Parmea are also in order!

I know he's been working like crazy to get his first full-blown entry up and he finally got 'er done. Great job . . . and some potentially good news. Next steps for Mr. Easley, Ms. Perdue, et al? Come out clearly and publicly against the Navy's disastrous plan.

Dole? Burr? Hayes? Coble? Foxx? Jones? Where do you stand? With the people of North Carolina . . . or with the United States Navy?

It's time to declare, because the truth is, you're either with us or against us.

Front-paged with a hearty well-done!

Wrong question

Where do you stand? With the people of North Carolina . . . or with the United States Navy?

Where do you stand? With the people of North Carolina and the health and safety of our pilots? Or with the irrational greed of a single admiral?

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Good catch

Where do you stand? With the people of North Carolina or with the people of Virginia Beach?


These carefully worded questions remind me of Sean Hannity when he interviews an "opponent."

Stuff like:

"Are you for the war in Iraq or are you pro-terrorist?"

"Are you a Bush supporter or do you support murdering schoolchildren?"

Im not sure I understand your

posting above...

This is a complex issue where the balance of 30,000 acres of farmland, multiple families, and a region in North Carolina is at stake.

The Navy has stated that Oceana with its $1.2 billion dollar revenue to Virginia is trying to dump the noise and encroachment issues surrounding that site onto the people of North Carolina with a yearly revenue to that region of only $1 million with the creation of a second OLF. The FEIS and supporting documentation has stated that Oceana / Fentress can perform the military mission. 3 BRAC have reviewed the capability of Oceana / Fentress and have stated that Oceana as of 2001 has excess capacity. In 2010, the Navy will have lost 91 aircraft from 315 further reducing the operational needs and increasing the excess capacity indentified for 2001.

This OLF is about noise mitigation for the people of Virginia, and not about mission capabilities or anything else. The FEIS and supporting documentation has stated this OLF is not needed.

So this is not a "Hannity"isk question. Are you for keeping the region of Northeast North Carolina free of noise polution in opposition to an OLF that is not needed or are you for trashing a habitat that has flurished for more years then the Navy has been in existance to help the people of Virginia who willingly created a problem in their state?

Again, are you for North Carolina or the US Navy and Virginia?

I agree with Blue South.

This site was panned by the "Navy", right? But, it was chosen by an inner cabal for political reasons? It's a dangerous site for the pilots, an environmentally dangerous site, pretty much a lousy choice all around.

So, with the people of North Carolina, our Navy's pilots, or against them.

Where are the candidates?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

really its at least two admirals

Adm. Natter, who in 2000 started this fiasco for people of Hampton Roads as a way to reduce noise for Virginia..

And now Adm. Nathman who in the same newspaper article states that Oceana is the future of Naval aviation, but Oceana and Fentress are not good to train young pilots. What is THAT?

"Nathman, a former F-14 pilot, said the Navy must have a new outlying landing field to solve the training and fighter jet noise problems created by encroachment around Oceana and Fentress Naval Auxiliary Landing Field in Chesapeake."

Whats interesting about this statement is 1993 and 1995 BRAC looked at Oceana/Fentress capabilities before closing Cecil Field and consoladating aircraft from MCAS Beaufort, SC to Oceana. These two BRAC did not require a second OLF to support operations at Oceana. 2005 BRAC stated that Oceana had excess capacity and the 1993 and 1995 BRAC took advantage of this. In fact, the 2005 BRAC ordered the realignment of the planes from Oceana back to Cecil Field due to encroachment and not because Oceana/Fentress could not do the job.

What is also interesting is 2005 BRAC considers that the more severe encroachment problems were created by the state and local governments by ignoring the Navy's repeated objections to incompatible residential and commerical developments under the AICUZ guidelines. Consequently, the funds to halt and reverse the encroachment should not come from federal funds, but rather from state and local funding sources.

Adm. Nathman, look at the 2005 BRAC documentation and the para above. This document was signed by the President and its an order to you. No federal funds are to be used to fix encroachment issues around Oceana. Read page 12-1 or the ES summary of the FEIS you are about to use to eminent domain 30,000 acres of land from North Carolina. It clearly states that this OLF is not NEEDED. Because you have just stated a second OLF is a must due to encroachment, no federal funds are to be used to purchase this land. Now you must go to the local governments around the proposed OLF site and ask them if they will eminent domanin the lands you desire to fix the problem created by the local governments of Virginia. Remember, Oceana/Fentress can do the military mission, only the encroachment issue is the problem. If the encroachment issue cannot be satisfactorily solved, then coming to North Carolina is not an option.

2005 BRAC has ruled that encroachment around Oceana was severe enough to warrent removal of all the jets from Oceana. While the plan submitted by Virginia fell short of the requirements set by BRAC to keep the jets without someother place to send them, the Navy must live with Virginia Beach and must do everything in its power to ensure that the military mission entrusted to Oceana/Fentress is carried out. If the Navy has determined that encroachment is an issue, then eminent domain the lands needed to fix the encroachment problems. If the Navy will not fix the encroachment problems in Virginia, then it cannot come to North Carolina and eminent domain down here for identified encroachment problems known to the US Navy in Virginia. You cannot have it both ways Adm. Eminent domain the properties in Virginia that are causing you to state an OLF is a must. Once you do that, you will find that the 3 BRAC that have looked at Oceana where correct in the findings that Oceana and Fentress CAN perform the military mission entrusted to those sites and a second OLF is not needed.

We support the military when a genuine need is presented to us. It looks like you need to fix the encroachment issues you have identified on your watch that your predessors left you before coming to North Carolina.

BTW, thank you very much Anglico!

Beautiful post

Thank you!

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

What I find interesting is

What I find interesting is that one lousy phone call by the right person could stop this charade. Our politicians on both the federal and state levels rather see civil unrest on their soil then do the right thing.

This issue will exemplify to the entire world that everything we have ever stood for as a so-called Democracy has evolved into hollow ideologies. The world will publicly witness free North Carolinians being treated like slaves without rights or a voice. This is factual, as thousands upon thousands of people have voiced their objections to an OLF in northeastern NC. These objections have fallen upon the deaf ears of our politicians who have shown that money far more important then our rights as Americans.

Our country has become a military dictatorship that desires to win at all cost despite all the trouble they are creating on our homeland.

I have yet to see a written statement by Bev. Perdue opposing the OLF in northeastern NC. She and all the other jump around the issue afraid to exert real leadership when it actually will account for something.

Rumor has it the Navy is releasing the Draft Enviornmental Impact Study Feb. 23. Buckle your seat belts folks, we are in for a bumpy ride.

North Carolina department of agriculture

& consuemer services released this concerning farming. It looks like the NCDA&CS has identified a horrible trend toward our farmers. I have a simple way for the NC GA to help this problem. As a group on the GA floor, stand up and say "NO OLF".
By reading this article, this department should also be leading the charge as these farmers within the 30,000 acres in 5 years will be out of business.

This OLF is not needed.

Dont appropriate money to fix a problem with the lose of farming when we have the US Government about to eminent domain all this farm land. I have not heard of a farmer that is willing to continue to farm lands that he once owned by leasing from the Navy. These farmers many times use the land and crop harvests as colateral for buying new or replacing wornout equipment. If they are leasing this land, they lose that collateral. What bank is going to give a farmer with no land or other hard collateral money to buy a new farm tractor??

Here is the request from the farmers of the effected area to the NC GA, "please support us not only with this press release, but by showing action toward this press release. Rally around us in saying NO OLF. No to eminent domain of 30,000 acres of farm land. We will continue to farm these lands if given the chance."