Governor Perdue to make statement on Health Exchange today

But it's not clear (to me) what her options are:

Unfortunately, Goodwin added, “the shot clock has pretty much run out unless the clock is rewound.” The General Assembly hasn’t passed enabling legislation, so the state probably will yield control initially to the feds. It should try to take a larger role as soon as possible, but it may be locked in to a system it wouldn’t choose for itself.

I saw a statement recently by (I think) Harold Brubaker saying it was "up to the Governor", but since this piece of trash is the only thing to come out of the GOP's broken Legislative machine:

One of the first bills Republicans passed after they took control of the General Assembly in 2011 was called “An Act to Protect the Freedom to Choose Health Care and Health Insurance.”

It opposed the individual mandate in the federal Affordable Care Act, and it was vetoed by Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue. Republicans couldn’t muster enough override votes to enact the measure.

I'm not sure what options Bev has, other than to go ahead and ask for Federal intervention now, instead of waiting for notification.

But I'm sure there are some reading this who can fill in the blanks. There will be a bonus if you can do so before she speaks in about 19 minutes...


Yep. And when they start whining

about Federal involvement in the health insurance exchange, the media had better remind voters of the GOP's failure in establishing our own.

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Perdue sez she's talked with McCrory and he understands there are a lot of open questions.

Note to McCrory: Don't concern your little head about it. Just go ask Art Pope and Jim Rogers what you should do and all your worries will be gone.

thanks for the post

thanks for the post