Is Harnett Health another victim of the failure to expand Medicaid?

Hell yes.

Expansion of Medicaid can hugely benefit rural areas by addressing insurance coverage gaps, especially given that rural residents tend to be less well covered than their urban counterparts with employer-provided health insurance. Medicaid expansion promises rural health providers much needed increased payment levels, which help struggling rural hospitals maintain operations against better-funded suburban and urban competitors.

But it's even worse than that:

Senator Ron Rabin who represents Harnett, Lee and a small portion of Johnston County not only voted in favor of not taking the Medicaid expansion money but is listed as one of the co-sponsors of the Senate bill that refuses to take the Expansion of Medicaid.

Joe Langley is the Democratic candidate looking to unseat Senator Rabin in the 12th District. Ballotpedia,,_2014, has listed this race as one of two competitive races. Rabin is also under fire for his support of fracking. Joe Langley is anti-fracking and for Medicaid expansion.

If the people of Harnett County want to turn their beautiful part of North Carolina into a pitiful wasteland, Rabin's their go-to guy. If they're looking to be good stewards of their natural and human resources, they'll elect Joe Langley.


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"Without extra Medicaid payments to make up for the loss of DISH payments, Lewis said, rural hospitals like the one in his district will suffer. “I don’t like the extortion that’s being used to force states to take the Medicaid expansion,” he said."

Extortion? Really? It's amazing the things politicians will do to destroy the very ones that put them into office.

David Lewis was just

David Lewis was just posturing when he voted in this case. It was one of at least three votes for the bill and he voted the other way in the other two. He also knew that he could vote opposite his party that one time and it wouldn't change the outcome. He just wanted to be able to (disingenuously) say to the people of Harnett that he was trying to help Harnett Health System. His opponent is Susan Byerly, a retired educator that would be a welcome change.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Harnett Health System will in

Harnett Health System will in all likelihood reach an agreement in the next few months with one of the big players in the health care game of monopoly. Their best hope is to be bought out by UNC or Duke but it could end up being one of the private for profits. Regardless, the lack of Medicaid expansion will continue to be a major contributor to massive $$$bleeding$$$$ at facilities like this.

Joe Langley is a great alternative to the negative representation that Rabin offers.

I'm a moderate Democrat.