HKonJ photo blog

The Historic Thousands on Jones Street annual march and rally for civil rights, social & economic justice, voting rights, and progressive causes of all stripes happened today in our state capital to urge legislators, the media and the public to pay attention to these important issues near the start of this legislative session. Here is a window into that event as seen through the lens of my camera phone.


Thanks, Jake

Great shots, as usual. I really wanted to go but my leg's been acting up. It actually doesn't hurt walking or standing, but I pay for it later. ;/

Sure thing!

Just wish I could have gotten more pics, but it's easy to get distracted and caught up with chatting with so many great activists there. So here are a few other pics from a variety of social networking sources:

N&O's token HKonJ coverage

Jake: Glad you posted these great photos. The N&O used their space to cover the Krispy Kreme doughnut run, and not HKonJ. One small photo on page 4b.

Martha Brock