House Majority Leader keeps it classy

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Here is a video of House Majority Leader Paul Stam telling a school privatization crowd Thursday night about the morning’s health care vote and what he thinks of the Democrats who objected to the way it was steamrolled through the committee.

The video was taken by the folks in Lockeland. You can watch the whole thing on their site here if you want to listen to Stam talk about his views on school choice and hear from Dallas Woodhouse as a bonus.


They just can't control themselves

Of course, no one really expected anything different.

Thanks, Rob

They really can't control themselves, and you're right, no one expected anything different. Still, it's a sad commentary that confirms my view that this crowd has all the intellect and self-awareness as a playground full of three-year olds.

When Stam talks to Jesus tonight, I'm sure the Big Guy will give him a high five for being such a pure and enlightened Christian. Or then again, maybe Jesus will do the right thing and kick Stam's ass for being such a hypocrite.

How can he repeal something

if he doesn't even know what to repeal? There's no such animal as the "Federal Health Insurance Law".

And the waving of an arm doesn't make such ignorance, especially by a party leader and an attorney, any less questionable and embarassing.

A state cannot repeal a federal law

Glad these folks are such strict constitutional scholars. Last I checked and the Courts of the land decided, states do not have the rights to overturn federal laws.

I guess their next move will be to overturn federal inheritance taxes. Maybe work towards re-segregation of the schools (whoops - already in motion in Wake county)...

No, the state cannot "repeal" a federal law,

. . . but what the GOP is trying to do is force Roy Cooper to join states in challenging it on constitutional grounds so that the Supreme Court will do the job.

Calling Mashall Dillion and Paul Stam?

In about two years! Stam and the National and Local Republicans will be hold up at a undisclosed location at the State and National Capital trying to fiqure out how to get out of Dodge......The future is coming to the USA like will not be petty..

Stuck pig

It should be noted that the term "stuck pig" means a pig being slaughtered. The original metaphor is "bleeding like a stuck pig".

"Bleed like a stuck pig" is a phrase used to describe profuse bleeding, originating from a hog slaughtering technique whereby the pig is stabbed in a main artery, usually with an anticoagulant on the device used for stabbing, and dies by bleeding profusely. "Squealing like a stuck pig" is a phrase used to describe the squealing, a variation of the "bleed like a..".

I wonder if Stam considers himself to be squealing or bleeding or even a stuck pig in this exchange in the NC House in 2008 captured by Laura Leslie.

Rules Chair Bill Owens reminded Stam that he'd gotten a break on the rules yesterday, but "today's a different story."