Jim Rogers threatens to leave NC

This ain't helpin' your image, pal:

Rogers repeatedly assured investors he expects N.C. Utilities Commission members to treat Duke fairly in rate cases and other issues despite current anger over Duke's surprise decision to oust Bill Johnson as CEO. And he said if Duke cannot get proper regulator treatment, “we might not be headquartered in North Carolina in the near future.”

"Fair treatment" is a subjective and relative activity, Jimbo. When a convicted felon is released from prison, his activities are both limited and monitored. By the same token, when a businessman takes a step that calls his integrity into question, he should expect closer scrutiny in the future. It may not seem fair, but it is.

Duke spokesman Tom Williams says Duke is not contemplating moving its headquarters from Charlotte. He said Rogers’ comments were meant to convey that if the regulatory environment in North Carolina became hostile, it could weaken Duke and leave it open to acquisition by another company.

“The context is that when companies are acquired, the headquarters is at risk,” Williams says.

Nice try, but we're not idiots. And neither are your shareholders. Here's a thought: when a CEO reaches the point he needs a translator to follow him around and straighten his skirt, it might be time to grant him the title of "Former" CEO.


Nah, I'm just more repressed

Which means you'll probably live longer than me, so I'm going to put together a list of things I want you to keep an eye on after I'm gone. ;)

I wouldn't be hurt if he

I wouldn't be hurt if he packed it all up and moved to Texas to lead the secession movement.

Only if..........

He takes the Gov- elect with him.