Justice Timmons-Goodson to resign NC Supreme Court

Another voice of reason gone missing from the docket:

N.C. Supreme Court Justice Patricia A. Timmons-Goodson will resign her seat on the state’s highest court, The News & Observer has learned. Timmons-Goodson is the first African-American woman to sit on the court. She was appointed by former Gov. Mike Easley in early 2006 and then won election that November with 58 percent of the vote. Her eight-year term was to run through 2014.

To give you an idea of what we'll be missing, here's an excerpt from a dissent she wrote defending the rights of a maliciously abused employee:

In the present case, I conclude that plaintiff met his burden of production. Taken in the light most favorable to the nonmovant, the evidence shows that plaintiff, a forty-one year old African-American man, was terminated from his employment as a part-time shoe salesman at Dillard’s after mistakenly allowing
two African-American women to leave the store with two pairs of shoes for which they did not pay...

When you have time, read the whole thing. Basically, the salesman reported the shoplifters, and was subsequently fired, lost another job, and was arrested for embezzlement. And the conservative justices on the Supreme Court decided to take away some of the money awarded to him by a lower court, as they genuflected to their corporate God.

We can only hope whoever replaces Timmons-Goodson has at least a fraction of her integrity.


Note to Senator Berger:

SenatorBerger 6:43pm via web
“Gov. Perdue has not earned, nor does she have, the state’s trust to make this type of decision.” #ncga

Not only did she earn the right to make said decision when the state's citizens elected her Governor, she has the Constitutionally-mandated responsibility to do so as well.

But it doesn't surprise me that I have to remind you of this, since you and your comrades have violated the spirit of our Constitution numerous times.

Short version

F/ck you Berger, and the broken-down horse you rode in on.