Kim Strach should censure and fire the Watauga Board of Elections

I received this email from the good folks in Watauga County this morning. If this isn't cause for censure and removal of a county board of elections, nothing is:

While we were enjoying holidays with family and friends, our two local Republican BOE Republican members (Bill Aceto and Luke Eggers) were working overtime to “prepare” Watauga’s early voting locations for this year’s primary and general elections. New state laws, passed by our Tea Party state legislature, have made it much easier for them to disenfranchise voters and suppress the vote. Or so they think.

Aceto and Eggers say that even though 17,000 plus students, faculty and staff are on ASU’s campus every day, Eggers & Aceto will vote against ANY EARLY VOTING PLAN THAT INCLUDES AN ASU LOCATION. Their expressed scheme, in the name of “fairness,” is to put early voting locations into the rural areas of the county, in locations not served by public transportation and without large numbers of voters.

We believe everyone should have a fair shot at early voting. We fully support early voting locations in rural precincts. But we refuse, and will continue to fight, any early voting plan that does not include an early voting location where the majority of County voters live and work.

It's hard to know what Kim Strach, the conflict-riddled "boss" of the State Board of Elections, thinks her job is, but one thing's for sure. Guaranteeing fair elections and making voting easier and more accessible doesn't appear to be in her job description.


The Eggers boys

didn't make the NC Hall of Shame for nothing. And Aceto might as well be another brother.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014