The Know Nothings Part Deux, or The Birth of the Insane Clown Party

The Know Nothing was a political nativist movement of the 1850's characterized by xenophobia and empowered by fears that the country was being overwhelmed by people who were hostile to "Republican" values. Sound familiar?

Thought to be long dead, the Know Nothings, after an apparently long gestation period have reappeared in the NC GA with a vengeance and they're out to prove they know less than their fore bearers, which is quite a feat in the information age.

No longer just nativist, this latest incarnation is comprised of corporatist/states rightists, those who are homophobic science denying evangelicals are highly regarded "know nothings" that are used by the "know somethings" that control them to insure that specific corporate interests are elevated above the needs of the average citizens of this state.

I thought the actions of the GA over the last two years were a new low for NC, that is until the first six days of the new legislative session. What we have now is a complete ALEC/Koch/Pope takeover of our state government, a general assembly filled with vapid, puerile John Birchers and various sundry insane clowns.

The Democrats held sway for 140 years, years that were far from perfect, but the grim truth is that one political party, (and only one), the Republican, has broken with the ethic of responsibility, that until now has governed thinking and behavior in regards to the public trust.

If you think I'm just tilting at wind mills, go to ALEC Exposed. Every move the Republican clowns made this week were torn from the pages of the ALEC play book. Not a damned one of them ever had an original idea in their life and ALEC is their source for bad ideas.