Letter from Teabagistan

Dear North Carolina,

Do you want your kids' education sold from under them, and all schools being privatized for profit, teachers' wages cut for profit, and class sizes increased for profit?

Does this make you want to vote Republican, because all you want is a far more expensive, yet inferior education for your kids?

Do you want to live in a state where Right Wing Teabagging politicians keep crying for more tax cuts as income inequality increases at an alarming rate and unemployment remains in the top five? Do you want to see tax reform that will transfer the burden of state revenue to working stiffs while the wealthiest pay little or no taxes?

If that is what you're hoping for, then how will you benefit, apart from admiring their greed?

If you vote Republican that is what you can expect. You can also expect to drive on toll roads, pay retail to repair bridges, and when you drive your family across that bridge, you had better believe they will skim a lot of profit by cutting costs and under paying workers, and you will be charged a premium without the guarantee of a job well done.

Maybe you want pay as you go fire protection, if you can't pay, your house will burn to the ground because you couldn't afford the rates corporate first responders charge, while making less than a living wage. Because after all, to the NC GOTP, it's all about profit.

Is this the vision you have for your state? Then welcome to Teabagistan, or Dumbfuckistan, or whatever you want to call it. Because that's the vision they have and you are not a part of it.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Esmay