Liars, damned liars, and Republicans

Phil Berger has completely lost his grip on reality, there's never been any question that he lost his grasp of the truth a long time ago.

Ah, but now Philly is taking his prevarications to new heights.

Berger's office is now circulating a petition to drum up support for his disastrous plan to block the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA, the establishment of a state exchange, and bring healthcare to 500,000 low income citizens of NC.

Berger was called out in the News and Observer today for the claim in his petition that "the gubment will be turning over medical records to the IRS". This is some of Berger's purist bovine scatology, double distilled through a special tea bag.

Here's some real truths for you Phil my boy.
Berger represents Rockingham County and lives in Eden.

1.Unemployment for Rockingham County, 10.6%
2.Poverty rates for Rockingham County 16.3% under 18, and 15.5% for those 65 and older.
3.Poverty rates for Eden, NC, 22.6% under 18 and 16.6% for those 65 and older.

Berger isn't doing a damn thing about it, he's making it worse.And that's the truth.