Libertarian ideas progressives should adopt?

I've been thinking a lot lately about the Great Divide in American politics lately, wondering to myself where there might be bridges worth building. The process inevitably brings me to some of the Libertarian ideals I once considered useful.

Below are some things Pope McCrory could champion that might pull this North Carolina progressive into his camp:

  1. Get the government completely out of the liquor business. I mean completely out. Continue to make drinking illegal for minors (under 18 or 21) but otherwise no licensing, no zoning restrictions, no inspections, no nothing. Just tax the hell out of the products.
  2. Follow the lead of Washington and Colorado and end the war on drugs. Take the exact same approach to pot that we take to booze.
  3. Make voting as easy as possible for as many people as possible for as long as possible. Embrace a multi-channel approach that includes in-person, by-mail, one-stop, and maybe even online.
  4. Prohibit the building of large schools. Force the Department of Public Instruction to become the champion of a new kind of school ... T-Charters (Teacher Charters) ... that is organized and led by current public school teachers and fully supported by the Department.
  5. Eliminate the flow of taxpayer dollars to private schools completely. A business is a business is a business. Businesses should not be subsidized by taxpayers.
  6. End corporate personhood. Corporations are not people and they should not have the same rights people have.
  7. Eliminate taxes on corporations. Corporations are not people and they should not pay taxes. People should pay taxes.
  8. Stop messing around with women's bodies.
  9. Step away from the flood insurance business. Push to eliminate government insurance guarantees for people who choose to live in risky places.
  10. Hold corporate executives and shareholders personally responsible for the liabilities of their companies in the area of environmental risk.

Clearly, these ideas need a lot more thinking through. Feel free to add your own.


One more

Stop the General Assembly from micromanaging local governments.

Home Rule

I love the idea but I do wonder if it might lead to local government working more like state government. That would not be a good thing.

Some would work great.

Others would suck. Let the experiments determine the winners.

I have always thought that Libertarian ideas

were the sweet spot where real conservatives and real progressives may agree.

for instance, grow hemp! It could save our collective butts.

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson supported marriage equality, but McCrory supported amendment 1.

Ban Goldman Sachs from the State And

shove their Bonds up their Rear and all paper currency or Bonds issue by State shall be back up by Gold and Silver deposits and Guarded by the State's National Guard with orders to shoot any Banker that approaches the property.......

"Halt! Who goes there?"

" Goldman Sachs Saleperson"

" Pow!!"

Castle doctrine

We'll soon be at a point where anyone can pull and gun and blast anyone else for any perceived or real threat, including the threat of getting ripped off by an investment banker.

It's tempting to dip into my old ways and go rogue.