Lightfoot the loser

As promised yesterday, the magical musings of another McCrory loser. Scrubbed from the Twitterverse, but fortunately captured for posterity by a solid Citizen.

How crazy am I?


And she's gone

It's being reported as a resignation, but I'd bet my bottom dollar this was an "Oh, shit!" reaction from Aldona Wos, who apparently still hasn't figured out that whole vetting thing. ;) Dumbass.

I'm not sure we'll ever know,

I'm not sure we'll ever know, but I suspect Wos (a doctor) and Lightfoot (someone who claimed to represent health care providers and no doubt raised money from doctors) knew each other quite well.

When the boys at Pope HQ saw what the ladies had cooked up, however, they put the kibosh on it -- not because Lightfoot's views are nutty -- they are, after all, standard-issue right-wing clap-trap -- but because she had failed to couch them in the approved language of coded Paul Ryan-speak. And she failed to kill her Twitter feed and YouTube entry.

Right you are

The sad truth is, Wos and the rest of the DAG McCrory's wrecking crew are equally bat-shit crazy. Lightfoot's big weakness is her failure to recognize how insane she appears to average North Carolinians.

The fact that DAG's entire team is full of similar people is what should scare the hell out of us.

I'll have to write myself a note

so I can check a few years down the road to see if she puts this shit on her resume:

Division Head, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.


Duties performed: Waiting for an awkward phone call.


This is what happens when you vet for ideology instead of credentials.

Lightfoot may be guilty of voter fraud

From the Raleigh News and Observer:

Lightfoot, 61, apparently lives in Winston-Salem – at least that’s where she is registered to vote. However, the address on her voter registration belongs to a UPS mail drop outlet. Voters are required to provide their physical address, unless they live in rural areas without mail delivery. State Board of Elections records show Lightfoot voted three times last year.

"The UPS address also is listed on the National Physicians Center for Family Resources website as the North Carolina office. She incorporated the nonprofit organization in Alabama in 1999 to advocate for family issues from a conservative point of view. It has a board of directors from around the country...":

Read more here:

Looks like her vote for McCrory was illegal. Guess the Rs didn't ask her for a voter ID.

Martha Brock

voter fraud

Since the Republicans can't cite any actual cases of voter fraud to shore up their argument for voter ID's, maybe their new strategy is to go out and commit it themselves.

David Esmay