Luddy was Berger's "mole" on Rural Center board

I wonder if they used Moscow Rules to pass information:

Asked what he thought Berger’s motivation was in appointing him to the board, Luddy said, “I think he wanted to find out what was going on over there and that I should keep the Senate informed.”

"He was able to provide a straightforward perspective on the leadership and decision-making process at the Rural Center and helped bring to light a number of issues that have been and continue to be of concern to many," Berger said.

Methinks the conversation around the board's water cooler (I don't know if they have a water cooler or not) might be a little stilted when Bob comes around, especially considering his back-channel intel has shut off funding for said board. It's also extremely ironic that this taxpayer "watchdog" is doing his level best to siphon away taxpayer dollars for his private school industry:

Offer school scholarships to promote choice and market-based educations. Many education reforms will be discussed this year, but nothing would improve student achievement more than market-based education. About 55 percent of the state budget is spent on education. Family-based choice would save billions of dollars and dramatically improve educational opportunities.

Although it might be controversial, we should consider privatizing many functions of the UNC system to make it more efficient with a goal of reduced dependence on taxpayer dollars. Students, based on means testing, would be provided with scholarships to attend public or private schools from kindergarten through college, transforming our primary and secondary schools from below average to the best in the nation. Helpfully, the charter school cap of 100 has been lifted and, this year alone, the state has applications for 161 new charters.

Luddy's hypocrisy on the use of taxpayer funding is only one aspect of his bent ideological stance, and Berger's use of him as an intelligence-gathering tool says quite a few things about Phil, too. And they're not good things.