Mansfield declares his candidacy

Heard the news on Facebook. Looks like he's off to a good start with a solid web presence. Here's hoping this doesn't degenerate into a mud fight, because it is truly a wide open race. Heard any rumors of potential women candidates?


Reclaim Our Future


I feel this is a critical time in our party and after much thought and counsel from Democrats around the state I decided to run for Party chair. I believe there are 4 keys to our future success. Having a great message, reminding us why we are Democrats. It is imperative that we have great mobilization within NC and develop our own infrastructure. We need to mend the party so that all ideas are brought into the fold and we have to recognize that disagreement with an idea does not mean disloyalty to our party ideals and finally we desperately need to raise money not from the top down but from the bottom up making sure all Democrats are invested in our future. I look forward to having a discussion with all Democrats and of course all members of Blue NC and I especially welcome ideas! Thanks for the opportunity to post.


Thank you, Eric.

Judging from all I've seen, your campaign is off to a good start, and I greatly appreciate your stopping by BlueNC.

All of us realize that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in North Carolina is a small tail on a big dog, but dang it, we're wagging what we got. Because when push comes to shove, we are among the most reliable, active and energized Democratic voters in this state.

I've invited both you and Randy to use BlueNC as one of the many channels you'll need to activate to communicate your vision and plans. We look forward to the conversation.

Happy holidays.


I agree


The most important thing is that we are on the same dog. Whether we are the tail, the toes, or the tip of the nose, we have to function like we are part of the same organism. The tail can be very deadly when its swung in the right way :-)

Thanks for having me...


Marriage Equality Question

Senator Mansfield, let me start off by thanking you for your great service to the state and to the party, and for opposition to amendment 1 during the amendment fight earlier this year.

With President, the NCDP, and national Democratic Party all evolving to support full marriage equality, I wanted to ask if you now support full marriage equality?

Thanks for being here on Blue NC too!


Just wanted to make sure this question doesn't get lost in the holiday shuffle.

I'll check in again

I'll check in again after Christmas. I don't expect anyone will be around to answer right now, but I will check in later because I do hope to get an answer to this question.

Now that Christmas is over, I ask again

Do you currently support marriage equality? Thank you for your time and for coming to this blog and being publicly accessible.

Marriage Equality


Thanks for you patience. I delayed for 2 reasons, one because I was in Alabama taking care of my sick mother and she has no internet and probably 2G cell service, but I wanted to talk to some very dear friends of mine so they could hear from me before I wrote this publicly.

These two friends are important to me because they have shaped my ever growing evolution on this issue. One served with me in the US Army and he served honorably for 20 years. We have fought for this country together. I have watched their 18 year relationship for 11 of those years. It has been as loving and caring as my own. Our families have shared their beach home and they have been with me every step of my political life, including defending me to their friends. As I reflected over my previous statements, I felt that I was dishonoring our friendship by those statements.

In addition, my son stopped some kids in school from using derogatory words towards homosexuals. He came home upset, not because kids accused him of being gay after he spoke out, but because kids who he thought were so smart were so small minded. I thought if my 11 year old was able to stand up to bullies in his school, I should be able to stand up to their fathers and mothers.

Therefore, I believe that my friends should have the same rights as me and my wife. I support marriage equality.

Happy New Year.


Thank you

I appreciate your reasons for waiting to respond, and the response itself. Thank you for your service to the party and your support of marriage equality.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for your patience.