Marriage equality begins in Maryland

It has taken lawmakers and leaders some time to catch up with the polls that have been showing for the past few years that a majority of Americans support full marriage equality, but with all the recent states joining in it seems like it's finally starting to happen. With the Supreme Court potentially striking down DOMA and returning marriage equality to California in June of this year we're getting ever closer to the tipping point of having a majority of the country's population in areas that recognize the freedom to marry.

'Lawfully married': Maryland ushers in 2013 with its first same-sex nuptials

BALTIMORE -- Seven gay couples in Maryland rang in the New Year with wedding bells early Tuesday, the first wave of nuptials since voters in the state backed the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Here's some coverage of the happy occasion by a variety of sources:

Congratulations to another state recognizing the right of same-sex couples to marry after voter approval – Maryland joins Maine and Washington as civilized states in our union. Happy 2013 to the Marylanders ushering in a new era of civil rights for its residents


Illinois Marriage to be considered as early as tomorrow

Both the House and Senate have until Jan. 9, when new legislators are sworn in, to pass a bill. Failing that deadline, LGBT supporters would have to begin lobbying efforts with a fresh set of lawmakers next session. Still, they would be doing so with a Democratic supermajority.

Marriage News Watch for 1/14/13

With the SCOTUS case coming in March with a ruling likely by the end of June, it's good to keep an eye on marriage equality progress around the nation. I feel like Illinois is a pretty good bet, but Rhode Island seems more 50/50 to me.