The matrix is real

Then again, if you're reading this, you already knew that.
Watch your back, and your front, fellow travelers.
This is your open thread.


This just pisses me off

Aided and abetted by corporatists worldwide:

What’s beyond question is that there is no economic, political or moral justification for tax evasion — it exists only because of the political influence that wealth buys. A society that fails to fight widespread tax evasion proclaims its own corruption.

Gardening and graduation

I have a full day ahead and won't be around quite as much as I was yesterday...but more than I was last week.

These vegetables won't water themselves and we are supposed to have higher than average temps all week - mid 90s......too early for that!

version update tonight at 10:00 (or thereabouts)...almost have a design ready for you to play with

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

the graduation part...

My nephew graduates from my alma mater later today!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


But he still needs to be watered regularly, or he'll dry up. :)

Duke Energy snoozes as A&T researchers find use for coal ash

Researchers at A&T University have been working for 10 years on turning coal ash into a material that could be used for fireproofing and resistance to explosions - it works in the lab, but they have no way to manufacture and market it.

N.C. A&T researchers Kunigal Shivakumar, Robert Sadler and their colleagues have developed a “miracle material” that’s lightweight, waterproof, fire RESISTANT, anti-corrosive and nontoxic.

Oh, yeah, it also deflects explosions.

And, perhaps most notably, the stuff is 95 percent coal ash.

The really interesting part of the story is that Duke Energy wasn't aware of the research until it was pointed out to them by the Greensboro News and Record.

Duke Energy was unaware of the work at A&T but welcomes it as another potential use for coal ash that the utility wants to recycle in every way that’s feasible, company spokesman Jeff Brooks said.

“Certainly, we have a great interest in exploring options like this and any others that are available to use coal ash effectively,” Brooks said.

He said he alerted Duke Energy’s coal-ash team to A&T’s work last week after the News & Record asked about the utility’s familiarity with it.

Gimme a break - a group of scientists have been publishing about this for a decade and Duke Energy is paying no attention?

Yeah, this says a lot about the company's interest is just making coal ash disappear by the cheapest methods and least effort possible.