Mayor Terry Bellamy (Asheville) to challenge McHenry

Why NC-10 has put up with being represented by a clown like Patrick McHenry is beyond me. Very glad to see him getting a serious challenger from Terry Bellamy. Announcement below the fold.


Closeted GOPer vs. Democratic homophobe

Nothing to get excited about in this matchup.

Not sending a dime to the DCCC to help in this race.


I would advise

not sending a dime to the DCCC for any reason ever.

I'll vote for a yellow dog

I'll vote for a yellow dog before I'd vote McHenry if that was my only option.

Hell, I'd probably vote for Cerberus

before voting for a Republican. If you get tired of arguing with one head, there's two others you can attempt to seek common ground with. With which...*sigh*

I need to start an "ending sentences with a preposition" jar, to replace my !@#$%^&* "swear" jar, which has become way too costly...