McCrory demonstrates ignorance on health exchange

Grasping at ideological straws:

"I have a bias toward wanting to do it in the state, having a state-run program," McCrory said. "I'm not willing to accept a program that's state-run in name only and it's really being controlled by the federal government. If the federal government has got our hands tied on a state-run program, then we might as well hand it over to the federal government and not create our own bureaucracy in the state."

Dude, don't make me go back and grab quotes from when you were brown-nosing Congress over transportation funding. And before you wash your hands of the entire, bloody affair, read the Milliken Report:

Allowing the federal government to set up the HBE might ultimately be more costly for the State, depending on how the start-up costs and ongoing expenses are funded.

The State forfeits control over the HBE. There would be no flexibility in how the HBE is run or funded.

Get it? You will lose all control, including how much it will cost the taxpayers of our state. And the idiots in the General Assembly won't be able to rescue you by creating an exchange of our own a year or two from now.

With the State-Federal partnership, you can decide if you want to utilize current administrative resources or create new ones, so quit throwing out Tea-Party trigger words like "bureacracy". You already won the damned election, so get ready to actually do some work.


If they get off their asses

If they get off their asses and meet the deadline then all that blather means something.