McCrory names first three top staff

From minutes ago:

Gov.-elect Pat McCrory on Thursday named his chief of staff and two cabinet secretaries as he prepares to take office next month.

Former Durham City Council member Thomas Stith, who heads McCrory's transition team, will serve as chief of staff for the new governor. Dr. Aldona Wos of Greensboro, a former U.S. ambassador to Estonia, will head the Department of Health and Human Services, and Raleigh businessman John Skvarla will oversee the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

In his appointment for NC Dept. of Health and Human Services, McCrory picked Aldona Wos, MD, of Greensboro citing her lack of ties to NC interest groups.


Talked with DHHS consumer and family member advocates

They lack your attempt at optimism, and I guess I must admit I do, too. Wos lacks both familiarity with big issues facing DHHS immediately and lacks CEO or other leadership credentials for leading such a large department with almost 20,0000 employees. Apparently her qualifications as a GOP fundraiser and large donor make up for that.

Martha Brock

Ah yes.

Republicans have dollars in their brains instead of neurons. That 'splains everything.