McCrory's not-so-stealthy campaign

Kudo's to Chris for calling him out:

As recently as the end of July, McCrory was saying that he was trying “to gauge the level of support and confidence in a potential McCrory campaign.” Those remarks came after news that McCrory’s unannounced campaign had raised just over a million dollars in the last year. That is a lot of money for a gauge.

Yeah, it is. And methinks the BoE needs to take a look at which account these checks are going into:

News accounts of McCrory’s Blowing Rock appearance reported that the checks from the crowd were put into envelopes marked “McCrory for Governor.”

Because the only active Committee I'm seeing is the Pat McCrory Committee, which could mean just about anything.

And just a note to the Board of Elections: If it isn't mandatory for a candidate to fill in the "office sought" section, why is it even on the form?