McPope's bold vision for North Carolina

Want a glimpse into the future of North Carolina under the new McPope administration? Look no farther than Roses Stores, the flagship brand of Variety Wholesalers, where poor people can buy cheap crap produced by even poorer people in communist countries. Slumretailing in the Old North State, as reported last year by Bob Geary at Indy Week.


I 'd like to see a bill board that shows Pope's income sources

and how they benefit with each new budget action, executive initiative and bill in the legislature. Pope and the Kochs expect to change all the rules and laws to suit their wallets so:

Lets Keep public score on Art Pope and the Koch Brothers!

Identify each of their investments, businesses, shell companies and the like. Then as each new "adjustment" becomes public we can score the profits to Koch and Pope et al. Lets show in detail, dollar by dollar, the real rationale behind their policies and the costs to North Carolina citizens.

I doubt most people who voted for Pope's Puppet have any idea how much payoff was at stake for the winners. They will NOT be thrilled to learn the truth about it, but I think they just might notice how much greener the pastures are getting for Koch, Pope et al, while the voters who put them in are struggling to get by.