Meadows attempts to rewrite history over shutdown fiasco

If you're going to lie, you might as well go for broke:

Despite being portrayed by CNN as an “architect” of the federal government shutdown, Congressman Mark Meadows said Thursday he fought up to the final hours to prevent it from occurring and worked hard over the last 16 days to stave off its impact on his district.

“My concern was two-fold,” Meadows said, explaining his vote. “One, we should've funded the government for a year. To have to go back through this in 90 days is not what any of us want to do. And we should've gotten rid of the congressional subsidy.”

This man is some piece of work. He's been courting the most radical elements of the Tea Party during this whole fiasco, and gladly taking credit for shutting down the government. But now that a super-majority of voters have condemned such recklessness, he's trying to weasel his way back out of his own mess. But you can't shove bullshit back into the bull:

"For me, it is about representing the 749,000 people I was elected to represent," Meadows told CNN on 1 October, the first day of the shutdown. He insisted the people of the 11th district of North Carolina wanted him to fight Obamacare "regardless of consequences".

But the Tea Party shows no signs of relenting, and here in North Carolina’s 11th district, Bilello is unapologetic about the influence she wields over her congressman. "Just before I came here, my phone was ringing , and it was Mark," she said. "He said, Jane, I gotta talk to you about what is going on with the debt ceiling."

More pandering to the Tea Party. *warning* May cause nausea and vomiting, and possible complications for expectant mothers in their 3rd trimester: