The Medicaid meltdown continues

The N&O has some excellent reporting this weekend on Mr. McCrory's Magnificent Medicaid Meltdown, which is underway right now in North Carolina. If you've been wanting to understand what's going on with Medicaid, and why, this article should be your first stop.

As you read the story, two things will jump to mind. First, for all the mythology about Art Pope's financial acumen, he just another schmuck plugging made-up numbers into the state budget, all designed to create the illusion that McCrory knows what he's doing. And second, you'll learn that there are real and terrible costs associated with the so-called leadership of our Republican-led government. Under the crushing weight of Queen Aldona Wos, anybody who knows anything about Medicaid has abandoned ship, leaving DHHS hollowed out and completely dysfunctional.

“There should be all sorts of Medicaid officials in North Carolina who would tell the governor, ‘Dude, this is not going to fly,’ ” Thompson said. “This sounds like government by amateurs.”

Don Taylor, a Duke health care expert, was more succinct. “Malpractice,” he said.

Wos declined to be interviewed for this report. McCrory has backed Wos, saying she’s been trying to clean up the mess left by previous administrations.

Trying to clean up the mess? Seriously? That's the best McCrory can say about Wos? Get a clue, Mayor Pat. There is no try.


Mills has a similar take on the Medicaid issue