More ALEC-inspired legislation coming in 2012

For those who have followed the threads of influence linking ALEC, the Koch brothers, Art Pope, and the NC General Assembly, this Tweet speaks volumes:

TerryStoops Terry Stoops
I am hanging with @AFPNC MT Learning about new ideas in school design at #alec with #ncga in phoenix #edreform #edtech #charters 1 Dec

Popping the cap on charter schools in the last session was merely the priming of the pump. The education destroyers reformers can be expected to attempt even more devastating changes next go-round:

Evading requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) by preying on parents of children with special needs through subsidies for unproven and profit-driven private schools, which are not covered by the IDEA. Nearly identical bills have been introduced in Wisconsin and other states.

Segregating students with disabilities from non-disabled students by incentivizing the creation of largely unregulated private schools for students with disabilities, and then allowing private schools to refuse children's admission such that the private testing/evaluation scores can be higher than for public schools that must take all students.

Setting up low-income students for failure in college by incentivizing early graduation for the students in need of a complete high school education.

Taking charter school authorization away from local school boards in favor of a statewide advisory committee, that a governor can pack with pro-voucher people.

Promoting climate change denial in education.

Certifying individuals with no education background as teachers, a move that would weaken the quality of education, that fails to recognize there is more to teaching than knowledge of a subject, and that would undermine the role and competitiveness of professional teachers.

Eliminating tenure for teachers in favor of "performance," allowing districts to fire older teachers in favor of lower-cost young teachers.

Last year at the PDNC Conference, comments were made (by people I respect greatly) that boycotting Art Pope's stores was a waste of time, and such effort would be better utilized in GOTV movements and such. And here we are a year later, Pope has been able to place thirteen of his minions in advisory positions within our Legislature, and his fingerprints are all over some of the most devastating policy changes this state has ever seen.

Not a waste of time. Not by a longshot. Hit him where it hurts, in the cash registers that ring up that cheap crap he peddles as merchandise.


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