NC GOP, ALEC, and education

This is just a short outline defining the incestuous relationship Republican members of House and Senate Committees have with ALEC and how in this case, focusing only on education, ALEC's right wing agenda affects this aspect of our daily lives - and more importantly, our children's.

These are just the facts. Republican Senator Tom Apodaca is the co-chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Education/Higher Education, and coincidentally an ALEC Education Task Force member. Republican Senator Fletcher Hartsell of Cabarrus County, who basically runs the county out of his law office in Concord, is also on this committee, and is a paid lobbyist for K-12 Inc., the virtual charter school corporation. No conflict of interest there. As a side note, only 1/3 of K-12's virtual charter's met the minimum standard for accreditation last year.

Moving on to the House, we have Republican Rep. Linda Johnson of Cabarrus County, get the picture? Chairwoman of the House Education Committee and ALEC Education Task Force member. Joining her on this committee are Republicans Craig Horn and Paul Stam, two of NC Educations worst friends and best enemies.

Corporations and ALEC have a voice and a vote on education in NC, do you?


I liken ALEC's impact on NC

I liken ALEC's impact on NC education to that of a medulloblastoma tumor, a fast growing high grade tumor that always begins in the cerebellum.

David Esmay