NC GOP, the sociopaths next door

In her new book, "The Sociopath Next Door", Harvard psychologist Martha Stout explains that 4% of ordinary people are sociopaths, one in twenty-five U.S. citizens have no ability whatsoever to feel shame, guilt, or remorse.

This means that one in twenty-five every day North Carolinians are secret sociopaths. Secret sociopaths are difficult to identify, they are often charismatic, complex individuals who easily seduce those around them, they live to dominate and win at any cost.

Fortunately for us, the NC GOP has made identifying these secret sociopaths easy, they elected them to the NC General Assembly. This collection of morally venal, avaricious politicians who now control state government appear incapable of feeling guilt or compassion. An entire body politic with the personality of Meursault, the title character of Albert Camu's "The Stranger".

Like Meursault, who murders a man, and displays an almost complete emotional detachment from his environment and is incapable of feeling guilt based on his actions, the Republican members of the NCGA have, in the first weeks of the legislative session, displayed an almost complete detachment from the problems facing the people they were elected to serve.

NC has a 9.2% unemployment rate, fifth highest in the nation. Hundreds of thousands of people in our state have found themselves in a desperate situation through no fault of their own. One would think the NCGA would focused on jobs, not cuts to the social safety net that is the only support these people, our fellow citizens, our neighbors, and our friends have.

The solution these incompetent reactionary Republicans came up with? Attack the unemployed, gut their benefits and inflict more pain on those already suffering,and thereby avoid what it is they really should be working on.

Hundreds of thousands of people in NC do not have access to healthcare. Instead of working to provide that access that other Republican controlled states have embraced, these morons pass a bill to deny that access and offer up debunked right wing talking points to support their opposition to the ACA. A program first proposed by that liberal bastion, the Heritage Foundation.

Last week was "Education Week" at the GA. Superintendents and teachers from across the state converged on Jones St. to plead their case for more funding and out line the real damage the GOP budget is doing to school districts state wide.

House Speaker and ALEC Legislator of the Year, Thom Tillis presided over a meeting with Teachers of the Year, and regurgitated what he had told to superintendents and principals earlier in the week. Spending levels will remain the same. Teachers will have to do more with less, the NC GOP will do less with more.

The GOP's ALEC agenda to educationally bankrupt public schools marches on, as only three states,Texas, Utah, and Arizona, will spend less per pupil than NC.

NC now ranks 48th out of 50 states and D.C. in teacher salaries,only Oklahoma, Mississippi, and S. Dakota pay less.

GOPers in the GA are calling for school vouchers again, vouchers that will drain public schools of resources, using tax dollars to subsidize private and religious schools, dollars that will ultimately end up in the pockets of GOP donors who own the schools.

I can only ask one question. What level of self deception must a person possess in order to believe any of the actions and ideas of the NC GOP are good ones?

Instead of bills promoting jobs, economic growth, and affordable health care, we get nipples, cursive and fracking.