NC Republicans still running against Black

The Rocky Mount Telegram has been doing a great job lately shilling for the North Carolina Party of Greed. This weekend's story about Bill Daughtridge lays the news propaganda out for all to see:

NASHVILLE – When N.C. Rep. Bill Daughtridge took the podium to address the Nash County Republican Party at its convention Thursday night, he had plenty to say about his party's goals, prospects and ideals.

But before he got into any of that, Daughtridge – who is trying to become the first Republican state treasurer since 1876 – wanted to draw attention to a certain Democrat.

Holding up a newspaper plastered with the face of former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black, who recently pleaded guilty to bribery charges, Daughtridge spoke about the N.C. General Assembly's several new ethics laws, and the concern he's seen from some of his Democratic colleagues.


Daughtridge's message struck a familiar tone among North Carolina Republicans as they begin preparing for the 2008 election season. With Democrats in the General Assembly under scrutiny, some in the party are hoping this is their chance to improve their party's standing on the state level.

Gubernatorial candidate Bob Orr made a similar call to arms when he spoke to Edgecombe County Republicans more than a week ago, stressing that the time for the GOP in North Carolina is now.

"I think the opportunity is here for our party to step up to the plate, to be the party of reform and to give the voters of North Carolina a choice," Orr said at the time.

I like the fact that North Carolina Republicans are running against Jim Black. By the time we get to next fall - 18 months from now - that story will be dead and buried. They'll keep trying to dredge it up, but it won't work. Why? Because the entire national Party of Greed will be in a full-blown meltdown. Bush will be hanging on for dear life, roundly ridiculed as the worst president in the history of the country, while every person with an (R) after their name tries to change the subject.

Meanwhile here in North Carolina, the man who would be king will be understood by most citizens to be a pariah, cut from the same mold as Karl Rove, hell-bent on re-creating the party in his own image. Which is why statements like this are so absurd:

Nash County Republican Party Chairman Kevin Lewis said the party is excited about the prospect of having Daughtridge as the state treasurer, and he sees the next election cycle as a way to correct some of the party's shortcomings in the previous election.

"After the 2006 elections, I really think our prospects are looking up," Lewis said. "I detect sort of a tide change that should benefit Republicans in 2008."

Looking up? Compared to what? Republicans nationally have become the poster children for corruption, greed and incompetence . . . and Republicans here in North Carolina will be painted with the same brush. If the NCPOG gubernatorial candidate is Fred Smith, a nightmare of shady dealings and slopping at the public trough will come back to haunt him. If the candidate is trial lawyer Bill Graham, the lunatic fringe will never come out to support him. And if the candidate is Bob Orr, he'll spend the next year trying to explain just exactly how Art Pope isn't paying him to run. Down-ticket guys like Daughtridge don't have a snowball's chance in hell.


Looking up, as in

from the bottom of the hole that they dug themselves. Guess they just don't understand how to put the shovel down!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Good one, Mom.

Well said.

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although we muddled thru and kept the blog running, it sure does make a difference when both you AND SD aren't here. Big difference!

How was the party? noticed you snuck (is that a word?) away a few times and commented here and there, still not the same. Hope you got a chance to enjoy family time and the fruits of your planning labor.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Thanks, Momo

I did sneak out and post a few times, but mostly I did father-in-law homage. I'll write up a whole entry about Pop Brown when my sister-in-law sends photos. He's one amazing guy.

From stuff I've read lately

especially a recent article on Rove in Salon (from last week I think), the Rovian GOP election-winning strategery is heavily dependent on multiple well placed pre-election ethics investigations (on Democrats, of course). Whether or not there is anything to the investigation or charges are ever brought or indictments ever handed down, the leaks are always coming out through the spring and summer just before election time. In hindsight, and according to the article, the 'investigate the Democrats' pattern is glaring.

But, it didn't really work for 'em here last Nov. like it had always worked for Karl in Texas and other places. I'm happy to see them sticking to the (failed) game plan.

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