NCCN Alert: public input on Falls Lake cleanup

Just received this via e-mail:

Falls Lake, a water supply for over 400,000 people and a popular lake for fishing and boating, suffers from extreme nitrogen and phosphorus pollution. A few parts of the lake are relatively healthy, but sections of the upper lake violate water quality standards as much as 80% of the time.

The Environmental Management Commission (EMC) is accepting public input (through this week) on proposed rules to clean up the lake. Environmental groups generally support the rules, but are also proposing some improvements to them.

Go here to send your own message to the Commission.


I forgot to add

these recommended points:

Tell the EMC that the new Falls Lake rules:
- should maintain the plan to cleanup the entire lake, including the most polluted upper end of the lake;
- should not be weakened, since the proposed rules only meet the bare minimum state standards;
- should achieve the first stage more quickly than what the state has proposed.