NCDP Executive Director Jay Parmley just resigned, denying having harassed anyone.

From Laura Leslie of WRAL on FaceBook, news that the Executive Director of the NC Democratic Party has resigned. She says that contrary to Parmley's defense, she spoke to "eyewitnesses" about the allegations.

Here is the story from WTVD news in Durham.

The News and Observer has a long story with news of yesterday's conventions' resolutions in Wake and Durham as well as the news of today about the NC Democratic Party's ED resigning.


This Tempest-in-a-teapot is a Republican tactic

Right wing blogs under the control of Art Pope drove this story from the blogosphere to WRAL and then to the News & Observer. The right-wing legions of the Republican Party are enthusiastically glorying in an orgy of homophobic frenzy. Democrats are inclusive and we fight for the minorities. We support Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Equal Rights and Gay Rights.

wrong is wrong

doesn't matter who the messenger is.

If nothing was done there

If nothing was done there would have been nothing to report.
Regardless, who told it is irrelevant we should not have had to hear it from the media and then should not have had a patronizing letter read to democrats across the state saying, now don't talk about what's on the evening news. What? All of it is just further confirmation of a complete and on going lack of leadership at State Party.

NCDP's Goodwin House as "frat house"

The immediate problem of action on the accusations against Executive Director is now settled. However, let's look at what Watt Jones brought up in his emails with regard to the proper relationship between NC Dems staff and the elected Board, who is supposed to provide oversight.

First, let me say I am not a party "insider," but I know a few folks who are. None of them wants to talk on the record. So here is my personal assessment. There is a lack of control over staff by NCDP's elected party officials that gives rise to a lack of discipline and even competence among the staff.

One longtime activist and member of the state executive committee from Raleigh called the atmosphere at the Goodwin House like a "frat house." In the email exchange between Jones, also a SEC member, and the other elected officials of the Party, he filed a formal complaint against a member of the staff for his lack of cooperation (to put it mildly.)

The best member of the staff, or at least most knowledgeable and cooperative, Sally Leslie has resigned citing problems with ethical issues at NCDP.

I don't think now is the time to assume all is well just because Jay Parmley has resigned. It seems to me that David Parker has a lot to look into and a lot to report to both the Executive Council and the SEC members. And if he refuses to do that, then Jones and Perry Woods are right about others (including Parker) needing to follow Parmley out the front door at Goodwin House.

Also, I personally am very puzzled as to why this story went unreported for months after Raleigh media reporters first learned of the alleged harassment. And even now I don't see the story being reported outside of the N&O and the Charlotte Observer. Please correct me if I am wrong.

It would have been far better politically for the Party, had this been aired first internally and then to the public well ahead of the election season rather than just before the Primary.

Martha Brock

To say that Sallie Leslie was

To say that Sallie Leslie was even remotely close to being the most competent person in the Goodwin House is hilarious. I will not detail why I say this but let's just say that a certain environment had been fostered in the Goodwin House that allowed for a serious amount of laziness. People were trying to change that. Sallie has a lot of friends, I understand that, but she was not in fact doing much actual work within that building.

As someone who spent plenty of time in the building in recent months but does not work there, I can say with confidence that Kara Hollingsworth, Stephen Mallinson, Walton Robinson, Conen Morgan, and Tammy Brunner are EXCELLLENT staffers. Some of these staffers have left due to great career opportunities but the amount of crap that is pouring all over the internet about this whole saga is mind blowing. We are shooting ourselves in the foot. Repeatedly.

An ALLEGATION is not a FACT. Let's get that straight.

And *legally* the party(or any other company/organization) CANNOT comment on personnel issues publicly. What is so hard to understand about that?