NCDP weekly press conference 02/25/2013



Not a strong speaker. This is the first time I've heard him. I hope he does better on future outings.

I don't think it matters if

I don't think it matters if he is a strong speaker or not, though I thought it sounded fine. The media isn't going to be airing any more that a few seconds of it if any.......unless he slips up and says something off the cuff that turns out to be contrroversial. So I think it is much more important that he has a well thought out script that he sticks to, even if it sounds a little clippy. Most of the coverage the press conferences will get will be from the print media so I think he accomplished what he needed to here.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

If he can overcome his tax

If he can overcome his tax problems and win back the General Assembly then he should run for President. However, I think the opposition party will use his tax problems to "eviscerate" him.

Randy Voller gives a great speech

just listen to this one he gave in accepting the gavel of the State Democratic Party last month. The man was born giving speeches:

That press conference was not a typical performance by a long sight.