Ohio charter school failures hit record level: What makes you think NC will be any different?

If anything, NC will be worse because our criteria for granting charters are laughable.

The charter school movement in Ohio has to contend with a rash of failing schools in Columbus. Of the 17 that failed last year — an unprecedented number, according to the Columbus Dispatch — nine only managed to remain open for a few months before failing, leaving students scrambling to find a new school. Since 1997, 29 percent of Ohio’s charter schools have closed, the Dispatch reported. The median life of an Ohio charter school is four years.

And in the meantime, we'll be pouring public money into private pockets at breakneck speed. Just the kind of thing we've come to expect from incompetent Republican policymakers.


It's gonna take a long time and cost a lot of money...

To throw a blanket over all Charters and say they are like this would be wrong. But all of them need some serious scrutiny until the for-profit, corrupt and sub par are weeded out. I feel sorry for the families who are going to be adversely affected while this process takes place since NC has opened up to just about anyone with a building, some desks and no more than a desire to teach.

North Carolina needs to look at top Charter Schools

Texas, California and Arizona have the top rated Charter Schools in the nation. If we are to continue to have a growing number of these in North Carolina, maybe it would be prudent to look at what the top rated Charter Schools are doing right in these states. We might not be able to get rid of these schools, but we sure can find ways to make sure they don't go the way of those in our nation that are failing.