The ongoing war on Christianity

It's not what you think.

People of faith find that every day they must look into their heart, their mind and their religious texts and approach the world in the way they feel their faith asks of them. In the last ten years, though, something truly sinister has begun to happen in America, to one of the major faiths that dominates our landscape.

Christianity has come under serious attack. Those who followed the teaching of Christ have found that their churches have become corrupted, the preachings at pulpits tainted, and the heart of their faith has been disturbingly altered.

There is a war against Christianity my friends.


I'm glad I'm not alone

I have thought this way for years, that something mean and sinister had entered the church. The meek faith I grew up with is gone.

About the time...

Reagan took office is when I date the change to the churches' teachings. Many God fearing humble people became attracted to "The Silent Majority" and the "Love it or leave it" divide and conquer strategies by the Neo-cons....

That's about when I gave up on the The Southern Baptist Church in which I was raised.

I have never seen ANY

I have never seen ANY religion as kind or good in any real way what so ever.
They are all disgusting, all of them spew a bunch of BS they cherry pick but when push comes to shove they all react in a hate filled manner.
Anything they actually do that appears to be good when you look at its root they only do out of fear of some mythical magical being.

This is all you really need to know about religious belief when it comes to hate.

Name ONE "Hate Group" that is not religiously based.

There aren't any, every hate group on the planet is rooted in religion and unless you call Green Peace a terrorist organization ( I don't) some do then ALL but one Terrorist Organization are all religiously based.

That should be all you need to know of what religion does to the mind.


FEMEN. I don't think they are religious, but they flash their nudity towards Muslims like a man in a raincoat at a playground.

Femen is not a hate

Femen is not a hate group.
They are a bunch of women trying to get equal rights.

They wear towels on their heads

Hence the slur "towelhead". Still hate. . . even if it's for a good cause.

The Nazi's and the KKK

are both nonreligious hate groups. And yes I know the KKK pretends to be christian but that was added later as cover.

I am pretty sure no person has ever killed another person in the name of Buddha.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


Christianity as Socialism...same old same old. Daily Kos proves the adage that the vast majority of people have the equivalent of a fourth grade education in religion.

double yawn

a 4th grade education in religion? wouldn't that be just as good as a doctorate since it's all just a bunch of made up nonsense anyway?

besides, you seem to have missed the point of the diary in the first place. or maybe i did. i thought it was about the evils of evangelical extremism and prosperity gospel.

Don't hate back

Like it or not, for many people in pain, religion is all they have. Daily Kos is correct not to demonize religion, or put everyone in a box.