An open letter to Pope McCrory

Dear Governor-elect McCrory,

Much has been made of the avalanche of job postings last week coming out of your transition team. A treasure trove indeed. But with all due respect, would you please explain why you're filling any of those positions?

Executive chef? Are you kiddin' me? Chief Deputy III? What the hell is that? Attorney? Really?

It's time to put up or shut up, sir. Cut spending and make state government smaller by NOT filling a single one of these advertised positions. Not now. Not ever. Because according to your rhetoric, these jobs are costing We the People millions of dollars and producing nothing of value. They are, after all, jobs that will be filled with public-sector slackers.

If you had a shred of integrity, you'd cancel every one of these postings and make do with less. You'd fix your own goddamn meals, just like millions of other North Carolinians do.

Hundreds of jobs posted on Gov.-elect McCrory’s website. The job listings on Gov.-elect Pat McCrory’s website are a treasure trove for job hunters, if they can figure out what they’re applying for.

The hundreds of jobs posted include the well-defined: executive chef, Department of Commerce secretary, or regional psychiatric hospital director, for example. But some are ambiguous, such as “Chief Deputy III” or “attorney” for unspecified cabinet agencies. Job seekers can even apply to a department without naming a job they want.


The hypocrites who work for Art Pope

have been silent on this matter. That's because they're all rushing to slop at the public trough.

I'm guessing...

....the mysterious new first lady of NC probably doesn't do much cooking....

If you are a person who knows how to start petitions

would you please start one that calls on Pat McCrory to put his money where his mouth is and freeze all government hiring in North Carolina, starting with his Executive Chef.

Kill the Chef!
Pat McCrory must put an end to the public trough.

What about those families,

What about those families, such as mine, that were directly affected by this hiring freeze?? My husband accepted a position with the Department of Transportation Monday morning and was told today, that they can no longer hire him because of the hiring freeze. Now we have to figure out how to make ends meet. So please think about the end results of your "hiring freeze" and how it affects "We the People"!!!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure

what happened to your husband had nothing to do with the comment above. You have my sympathies, nonetheless.

How does it not? It's

How does it not? It's directly related to the hiring freeze!

I'm absolutely not saying

I'm absolutely not saying that the comment caused it. I'm simply saying, before people go on a rant to "freeze all state hiring and not fill a single position" they need to consider the consequences. They claim the hiring hurts "we the people" when in fact, not hiring hurts them more.

We are in agreement

This is kind of hard to explain, so bear with me: we are (for the most part) Progressives, who believe there needs to be a solid structure (government) to help all our citizens achieve a certain level of quality of life. We are in direct opposition to those people who would tear down said structure and leave people to fend for their own. People like Pat McCrory and Art Pope.

So, when James says "freeze hiring", he's really throwing their own words back in their face, in order to demonstrate their hypocrisy.

My thoughts

The original comment was directed to the hypocrisy of so many government-hating conservatives who have spent their lives taking a paycheck from taxpayers while calling for smaller and smaller government at every turn.

As anyone who knows me understands, I have long been a champion for excellence in government ... which requires hiring and paying great people.

Sorry. :)

I should have waited for you to explain it. Yours is better than mine.