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That's what happens

... when you don't criminalize personal decisions. Bad for the economy all the way around.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

The first week of our new frontpage team

showing very positive signs. All statistics up significantly from the previous week. Of course, that was the week between Christmas and New Years. : )

Yes. Amendment One was the last straw for several folks I know

The week last September the NCGOP rammed that poorly written, radical amendment to our state constitution through the legislature, several GOP-registered friends took to Facebook and other social media publicly announcing their disaffiliation from the NC Republican party to their entire networks.

One guy in particular used to regularly post GOP-related links on his page. It's almost all more Democratic-leaning stuff now. One even proudly posted a pic of his newly updated voter registration.

Of course, I'm disgusted by both parties as I've long indicated here. But this phenomenon of "seeing-the-NCGOP-for-what-it-really-is" is very real in NC of late.

Populists would be wise to take advantage of it.


Me too

Of course, I'm disgusted by both parties as I've long indicated here.

I'm not as far gone as you, but I'm pretty far gone.

A letter from Christians to all gay people

Well worth your time to read the whole thing:

For no reason beyond animal ignorance we have tried to obliterate you: to rob you of your identity, crush your self-worth, destroy your hopes, turn you against yourself. We have harnessed our almost unimaginable power to bring to you the singular, unceasing message that God finds you reprehensible.

Shamefully, we have turned the way you love into the way we hate.And for that we now know that it is we, and not you, who deserve hell.

Seeing this kind of writing from a leading Christian activist almost makes me believe there might be a god.

Apparently I'm predictable

Recent conversation (paraphrased) with an old friend:

"Whatt'ya think about them turkeys?"

"It's not so much about the level of pain inflicted on the animals, although that does piss me off. It's more about how any human being could find joy or entertainment torturing animals. It's not a great leap to go from there to torturing people, you know."

"I knew you was gonna say something like that!"

"That's your conscience talking. It has nothing to do with me."

"I knew you was gonna say something like that, too!"