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AFP Bus Tour in Madison attracts approximately nobody.

Too bad they didn't have Dallas the Dogcatcher at the helm. That would have made for a "sell out" crowd ... pun intended.


Heaven help us

Interesting hit piece on born-again neurosurgeon who found god in a field of butterflies after having his brain shut down by meningitis. Is that all it takes?

Of course

Of course he is not at the helm. IF he were, he would be the bus driver. Hasn't it been established that he is NOT the bus driver?

Right you are.

Lap dog catcher. Bus driver. Snake oil salesman. It's all good.

stopping future AGW terrorists

Ever have a moment wondering what your life would be? I'm a Canadian, and I think I can build on C.Freeman's UK research to sequester trees under cdn Shield peat bogs (Michigan/MN terrain kinda).
And I don't like mosquitoes, or bears, or non-cities, or Trench Foot. But I'll do it anyway.
I see a storm is about to slam into North Carolina. These may be unimaginably stronger mid-century.
And in other parts of the world, droughts and floods will lead to war and massive failed states. And in the remnants, WMDs will be launched again Israel and the USA most likely. This doesn't have to happen. We have a brighter GWB in power in Canada now, but won't be in 2.5 yrs. And the more non-coal Dems the USA elects, the safer the world of the future will be on this issue alone. I hope NC elects Obama. Part of the transition away from gasoline/diesel/heating-oil involves building a recyclable plastics market, and NC has expertise here. Regardless, good luck. May the coyote god be with you.

Didn't realize Alamance County...

I love this picture of visiting the strong supporters of Alamance County Democratic Party from this weekend! They're working hard to move North Carolina forward!

I didn't realize Alamance County had a particularly organized Democratic Party (not basing that on alot, other than it going red in 08 despite being between the triangle & triad), but just saw that pic from this month on Coleman's facebook:

Looks like they are active after all. I see not just people and decorations but also maps and calendars.