Pat McCrory and the New Breed bundlers

I just resurfaced from a four hour plunge into Myers Park Pat's 3rd Quarter campaign finance report, and I want to echo a friend's recent observation:

gregflynn‏@gregflynn Suspiciously large number of maximum $4K contributions to Pat McCrory from "New Breed" employees #ncpol #ncgov

We've talked about New Breed's activities before, in relation to their pursuit of (Federal) government contracts. But they didn't seem to be that interested in state-level politics. Until Pat McCrory came along, that is:

Republican governor's candidate Pat McCrory tapped Greensboro resident Aldona Wos on Thursday to serve as one his three, campaign chairs and to lead his outreach program to women voters.

Wos served as ambassador to Estonia during the most recent Bush administration and played active roles for such other high-profile GOP candidates as former U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole. She also served as vice chairwoman of President George W. Bush's statewide fund-raising effort in 2004.

Wos, who is married to Greensboro businessman Louis DeJoy, pledged to "work tirelessly to see that Pat is elected in November."

Unless I'm misreading this, four members of the Dejoy family alone contributed $32,000 in this cycle to date:

09/28/2012 Frances "Frances" Dejoy
New Breed
PO Box 18367
Greensboro, NC 27419

Individual Contribution Account9 $4000.00 $8000.00

09/27/2012 Frances A "Frances" Dejoy
New Breed
PO Box 527
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Individual Contribution Account9 $4000.00 8000.00

09/28/2012 Louis "Louis" Dejoy
New Breed Corp.
806 Country Club Drive
Greensboro, NC 27408

Individual Contribution Account9 $2000.00 $8000.00

09/28/2012 Michael "Michael" Dejoy
New Breed
PO Box 18367
Greensboro, NC 27419

Individual Contribution Account9 $4000.00 $8000.00

And (as Greg mentioned above) I counted 20 other New Breed employees who donated a total of $80,355 between them. Do the math. I find it extremely unlikely that so many individuals would donate such large sums to the same candidate, unless there was some sort of planning involved.

The NC BOE has investigated McCrory before for similar reasons, but this time there are several employees that should be questioned.


New Breed, worse than that

I crunched the report in a spreadsheet. The third quarter report had 51 contributors identified with New Breed. Their contributions totaled $82,070 for the quarter. Total contributions from the same contributors in this election cycle were $152,610.

I thought the limit was $4,000 per cycle,

but I saw several people (including Art Pope) that had given $8,000 to the McCrory campaign. I don't understand.

Is it

Is it giving for the primary, then giving for the general?

That could be it

I didn't look back to see which quarter the first $4,000 showed up.

It's a little confusing

The full cycle is normally the day after the General election to the next General election. There's a max of $4,000 until the primary and another $4,000 until the General. If there's a run-off you can add another $4,000.

Sometimes the data entry is not too good. Cumulative totals can be under or over. If a campaign files one or more amendments, sometimes they count the same money twice accidentally. You have to look closely at the amounts. It's even more confusing when a PAC reports a contribution in the primary but a candidate reports the same in a general (or doesn't report it at all, which is another story entirely).