Pilfering the public purse: Joe Hauck's "actual work optional" contract

There's a New Breed of crony in town:

Joe Hauck was paid $310,000 in less than 11 months as a consultant to state Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos before returning in December to his job as an executive at a private company run by Wos' husband.

In response to public records requests filed in September by The Associated Press seeking all plans, proposals, documents, e-mails and any other work product authored by Hauck, the state agency has handed over a pair of memos totaling little more than three double-spaced pages.

The agency also provided spreadsheets detailing cuts made in state funding to such nonprofit charities as food banks and pre-Kindergarten programs that were reportedly developed at Hauck's direction.

Even if most of Hauck's contributions were verbal in nature, there would still be a paper trail (meeting announcements, minutes from such) providing a skeletal detail of work performed. And the inclusion of Food-Bank-cutting materials could simply be an effort to shift the blame for something (that should be) wildly unpopular. Whatever the case, the numbers don't add up to anything short of misappropriation of government funds.


And then there's this one....

Let's not forget the Tea Party and anti-abortion activist that Wos hired in 2013, Margaret "Mardy" Peal, among several other questionable hires and contracts in the department.

I guess landing a contract with Health and Human Services as a consultant is Wos's contribution to "welfare reform".

It makes me especially ill

since I had to write the DHHS a check last month for $57,000 from my Mother's estate, which includes only the house that she left to myself and my brother who lives in that house.

A better use of that 310k would have been

... to hire 5 or so teachers. Five teachers would have been a helluva lot more productive than that crony.

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