Political appointee supports plan to bring more power unto himself

In other breaking news, rain is wet and fire is hot:

Support for moving the State Bureau of Investigation under the governor’s control solidified Tuesday, as the proposal picked up support in the House and an administration official assured that the integrity of public corruption cases could be protected.

McCrory told reporters on Tuesday that Frank Perry, secretary of the Department of Public Safety, supports the move, and the two plan to meet soon to discuss it in detail. “He is strongly recommending consolidation of those resources to me,” McCrory said.

That is quite possibly the stupidest thing McCrory has said in...okay, all week. It's getting hard to keep track, frankly, which is one more reason he shouldn't be trusted with even more men with guns at his disposal. And it looks like James needs to go back to posting his Art Pope Puppetshow flowchart again:

Perry is a retired FBI agent who directed investigations at the state auditor’s office, worked with the state Ethics Commission, and was director of investigations and public affairs for a public ethics foundation he helped form.

Which was largely funded by the now publicly-employed and ethically-challenged Art Pope, and was dissolved/disbanded/defunctified (yes, I made that word up) after Republicans took over state government. And if Frank Perry was still at said "foundation" and a Democratic Secretary tried to rip away a big chunk of another Department and grab it for himself, he'd be sniffing all over the place for evidence of corruption.


Think about this one for a minute

Consider, just for a moment, having the State Bureau of Investigation under the control of an Art Pope political hack that seems to use every opportunity to advance his own political position. And think about the confidential files and investigative powers that the SBI has at its disposal.

We've already seen how one man could abuse this kind of power. How can we be assured this won't happen again?

Conflicts of interest abound

Both the Governor's office and the Legislature will have a hand in choosing the man who will direct the SBI's investigations, meaning the people will no longer be able to rely on the SBI as a safeguard against public corruption.

It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.