Pope puppet appointed to NC Court of Appeals

The rumors of Art Pope's loss of influence over McCrory are wildly exaggerated:

In a press release on Monday afternoon, Governor Pat McCrory announced that he will appoint Winston-Salem lawyer Richard Dietz to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Dietz will fill the seat of Judge Bob Hunter, Jr., whom McCrory appointed as a Justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court ahead of elections in November. Judge hunter will be sworn in on September 6th to be followed by Dietz.

“Richard Dietz has an esteemed legal record and an extensive background in appellate practice,” said Governor McCrory. “His experience, service on the North Carolina Courts Commission and involvement in his community will make him a valuable addition to the Court of Appeals.”

What you won't find in this article is his recent attachment to Civitas and the John Locke Foundation, including his indoctrination training in free-market principles:

The John Locke Foundation is pleased to announce its latest program: the E.A. Morris Fellowship for Emerging Leaders.

Underwritten by the E.A. Morris Charitable Foundation and the John William Pope Foundation, the Morris Fellowship program encourages committed, diverse, and principled North Carolinians to pursue greater leadership roles within their professions and communities. Morris Fellows will explore the dynamics of public policy, principles of individual liberty and free enterprise, the role of private and nonprofit institutions in a free society, and the role of citizen leaders in a hands-on manner. Through the Fellowship program, these committed individuals will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders in business, nonprofit, education, government, and other areas of public service.

As emerging leaders, the chosen Fellows will gain new opportunities to advance the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise, the principles that allow our society to thrive.

And not a single one of those "principles" is relevant or appropriate for a judge sitting on the CoA. Or an attorney sitting on the North Carolina Courts Commission, for that matter, which is where Dietz has been since last year.


Another issue for the NC Bar?

It's one thing for a judge to attend seminars on legal precedent or other continuing education stuff, but this kind of "fellowship" is both ideological and prejudicial in nature. I can't imagine the Bar looking fondly on his continued participation.

He is a valuable addition to the Court of Appeals

in that he will make partisan Republican rulings to overturn real, qualified judges who uphold the law and keep a modicum of restraint on the rabid NC GOP.

That's what Art Pope calls a valuable addition!

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014