Racism in the Democratic Primary for House 2

The Democratic primary race for NC House District 2 (which includes Person and Granville counties) has a tinge of racism that needs to go. As The Rant recently noted, Dalton Huff, a Democratic candidate running in a three-person primary, apparently got confused when registering for his political party. Huff's Facebook page includes an "essay" from 2010 that advocates Southern secession from the US, suggests "listless Negros" were manipulated after the Civil War, and claims that the Civil Rights Movement was actually the "black power movement."

While Huff could potentially find a good political home with the Republicans, he has chosen to spread his poison in the Democratic primary. While Huff had enough sense to change his Facebook page to no longer claim he was the "head n**** in charge," it doesn't appear much else has changed. These type of "candidates" should be shunned by the party and by all voters. Check The Rant's article for more, and maybe drop Huff a message at his Facebook page.


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Someone who knows how to edit Wikipedia pages should update his entry there with links to articles about his Facebook page. It looks like a short promo page with his campaign photo, so it might have been put together by him or someone with his campaign. It was authored by someone with the handle "Bmfloyd90" who is no longer registered at Wikipedia and that seems to be the only page they worked on.

Here's his Twitter page - if you use that service, you might ask him what's up there.

Wow....had not heard this

I'm not in the 2nd, but this is just awful.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm in the 2nd.

I'm in Person county.
I've seen his signs but not him. He didn't show at our county convention.
So I seriously doubt he will be at the candidate forum sponsored by the NAACP on Tuesday night.

I will not bet against you

If he does, someone needs to ask him about his views on race.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

No surprise: He was a no show.

Dalton did not appear. I wonder if he will show up at the forum sponsored by the Jaycees. I wasn't planning to go to that one but I may have to for, uh, research purposes.