Rayne Brown - How's that working out for you SEANC?

In 2010 SEANC (State Employees Association of North Carolina) pumped quite a bit of money into the NC-81 House race to help defeat Hugh Holliman to the benefit of Rayne Brown. Well, the 2011 NC Free Enterprise Foundation rankings are out (2011 Rankings) and Brown scored a 89.3 compared to Holliman's 2009 ranking of 57.8.

The American Conservative Union, an anti-union, anti-worker organization has ranked Brown as a "Defender of Liberty" (American Conservative Union) and Civitas gave her a 90% Conservative Effectiveness Score.

Bet she is not casting too many votes to help out labor so I will ask again: How's that working out for you SEANC?


Big Picture

This is what happens when groups or individual voters only focus on one issue and not the big picture.

Considering the State Health

Considering the State Health Plan was moved out from the control of the Legislature and to the State Treasurer's Office, and the Retirement System was fully funded for the first time in 12 years, SEANC is probably pretty happy with the result. Especially considering that Hugh Holliman and the rest of the Legislative Leadership didn't support those two things nor did they ever bring collective bargaining up for a vote.

Thank You Don! You took the

Thank You Don!

You took the words right out of my mouth. SEANC's officers are elected, and staff are paid, to do one thing and one thing only-advocate and fight for the interests of its MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES. Those "interests" are around salaries, benefits and protecting rights under the State Personnel Act.

While I understand that law enforcement officers, mental health specialists, and snow plow drivers are not as glamorous as being a teacher, it is nice to know that there is an organization out there that has stood up to the power brokers who seem to forget that we actually have a vital role in making this state a safer/better place to live.

Keep that in mind the next time a registered sex offender moves in across the street from you, and you want a well-paid and APPRECIATED probation officer (with a 4 year degree) keeping him under close supervision.