Rep. Howard and Sen. Apodaca squirm on TV

NBC 17's Justin Moss took a look at the money flowing from Time Warner Cable to the primary sponsors of H.129, the so-called "Level Playing Field" bill that would bury municipal broadband systems.

If you've been waiting to see the "deer-in-the-headlights" look of a politician caught with her hand in the cookie jar, watch Rep. Howard's reaction at the end of this video. It is PRICELESS!


Never ask

a videographer to turn off the camera while you're on the camera. Dumbass.

Yeah, that's a no-no

It's the kind of thing that ends up goung viral on the Internet. Which would be awesome, by the way.

The real story - Rep. Wainwright

The real story is Rep. William Wainwright, Deputy Minority Leader, who consulted with the slimy Time Warner Cable lobbyists all throughout the meeting and voted against every reasonable amendment.

It's clear to me that Rep. Wainwright is in the pocket of big business and I find it sad. Let's take a look at his last campaign:

CenturyLink: $4,000
AT&T: $2,000
Time Warner Cable: $500
Verizon: $1,000

Total from big telco: $7,500. Looks like big telco bought themselves a fine representative.

How is the broadband in Rep. Wainwright's district?

Does Havelock have broadband?

Did the federal government (DoD) pay for it, or the almighty free market?

What about the rest of Craven and Lenior counties that Rep. Wainwright represents?

I wonder if his constituents in Craven and Lenior counties are happy with their broadband choices.


DSL is it

Looks like it's DSL-only in Havelock. I don't think TWC is available. CenturyLink is the incumbent provider.

Rep. Wainwright is well

Rep. Wainwright is well entrenched in his district and I don't recall a serious challenger to his seat. He has become a fixture. Part of his district encompasses Lenoir County.