Republicans continue their attack on the unemployed

Guilty until proven innocent:

DES assistant secretary Dale Folwell says the old system invited overpayment. Of 181,000 unemployment claims filed in 2012, employers challenged 64,000 – more than a third – arguing workers quit or were fired for cause. However, by that time, the state already started paying on the unresolved cases.

“Why would we start loading money on the debit card of North Carolina for those people who are eligible for benefits before we hear back from the employer about what happened?” Folwell said.

No, the question is: moving into the sixth year of a devastating recession, when employers have been laying off tens of thousands of workers per year and employees have been desperately holding on to the jobs they have, how can you look at that 64,000 number without saying, "Bullshit." Do you honestly believe that a third of those workers quit or were fired for screwing up? You want to punish somebody for overworking the department, start looking at stats on individual employers. If a business has a high percent of quit/fired, they're either trying to defraud the DES, or they're horribly abusing their employees. It ain't rocket science.


Feast and famine

As a manufacturing manager, I've dealt with probably somewhere north of 700 employees over the years. I've watched them quit, fired them for cause, defended said decisions when disputed, laid them off when revenues couldn't support the staff, and all points in between.

In the 1990's and 2000's before the recession kicked in, the vast majority of employees that left either quit or were fired (most of them quit for a better job elsewhere). After the recession, that flipped the other way. For every twenty employees who left, maybe one or two quit for a better job (or moved to another state). Firings were even less frequent. Maybe one a year. And (as far as I know) none of those attempted to draw unemployment benefits.

I'm not saying there aren't some unemployed trying to get benefits for which they aren't eligible, but I would bet their numbers are more like

Well said

And from my own experience, spot on.

My last employer is notorious for refusing to respond to DES requests. Most of the people I worked with at that business were eventually laid off, and every one of them ended up waiting six or eight weeks for their benefits to begin simply because Captain Capitalist would not acknowledge their claims.

This problem, like voter ID fraud, is simply non-existent. More GOP fear-mongering and bullshit.


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Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail