The Republicans now own the Education Lottery. What will they do with it?

Thinking back to the battle over starting up state-sponsored gambling here in North Carolina, I seem to recall a hell of a lot of Republicans who swore up and down they'd do anything necessary to end that evil scourge. It was a moral issue, they said, and I for one agreed with them.

Fast forward to 2013, with those same Republicans now calling the shots in both houses of the General Assembly and the Governor's office. Those oh-so-moral men finally have the chance to put an swift and brutal end to the lottery. Will they? It probably depends on which they hate more: taxes, poor people, or teachers. From where I sit, it looks like they hate all three, and will therefore keep the lottery in place.

Time will soon tell whether these are truly moral men. I'm guessing not.


If they aren't moral for

If they aren't moral for ending it, what does that say about the party that started it? OK, tongue-in-cheek aside, I agree the lottery should be ended, if for different reasons than you state. Does the lottery really prey on those who shouldn't be spending scarce money on it? I don't know, but I'd like to see studies either way. However, I DO think it should be repealed on the grounds that it was legislated into existence in a very shady way...thereafter, if the Ledge wants to re-vote on it in an aboveboard manner, I'd be OK with that...not that I'd approve passage.

There wasn't anything shady about it

Good old power politics, pure and simple. I objected to it then, and I'm objecting to it now. It was one of Bev Perdue's darkest hours.

That said, the lottery IS a moral issue for me. If gambling is good enough to pass the smell test of state sponsorship, it out to be good enough for all comers.

And as to studies on who pays to play, you could spend 30 seconds on teh Google and find more information than you'd ever want to know, including a number of highly reputable studies.

Don't worry, it won't get repealed. Republicans don't have the balls to pay for public education the old-fashioned way. That would require replacing the lottery slush fund with tax revenues ... and we already know that ain't gonna happen.

Giving lottery tickets as Christmas presents

I remember when the lottery was passed and we were told that no advertising would be allowed that enticed us to buy tickets. Now there are tv ads suggesting lottery tickets as Christmas presents. Is Nature Boy Ric Flair still advertising the sale of lottery tickets? Hopefully the toll booths on I-95 will also sell NC Lottery tickets.

But end the lottery? Surely you jest! It would deny our poorest citizens the opportunity to support public education. Isn't that why most people buy lottery tickets, to support public education?