Republicans screw up charter school laws even more

Privatization going off the rails:

And when you're doing something really unwise, cutting off the debate is SOP:

File the following under, "things that go without saying but need to be said anyway": A big thank you to the folks at the NC Justice Center. You're a hell of a lot more patient than I am.


If anyone ever questions why Pride marches happen

If anyone ever questions why Pride marches happen, this is a good reminder that there is still an urgent need to say we're here.

On Monday, Obama ensured protections for transgender workers in his executive order specifically including gender identity in federal employee protections. His second executive order bars anti-LGBT discrimination by federal contractors and subcontractors — a move bound to protect countless LGBT workers employed by companies doing business with North Carolina’s large military presence.

On June 30, McCrory signed his own employment executive order protecting state workers on the basis of “race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability and genetic information.”

The measure specifically excluded sexual orientation and gender identity.

Tronovitch and McCrory later attempted claiming the new rules “mirror” federal language — a comment that was as false three weeks ago as it is today.